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Wind power industry

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Wind power industry


1 Introduction:
Many applications in the torque limiting system require protection of the entire drive (drive, coupling and driven equipment) to prevent high torque in the event of a transient.
A typical example is a fan application where there is a short circuit torque in the generator.
This is why the Belgian ESCO Coupling Co., Ltd. develops an overload protection system and combines it in a coupling.
The following are special aspects of the device designer:
The system does not release torque at a given value.
The system releases torque above a given value.
When the system is released, a fixed value of the transmitted torque is displayed.
The system automatically re-engages when the overload torque disappears.
The system will accurately protect the power train from overload, even after a long period of time without overload torque, or after maintenance and frequent overload torque.
2.ESCO integrated overload system
The ESCO integrated overload system cannot be mounted directly on the shaft, showing the following advantages:
The pressure of the mating surface does not depend on the mechanical shaft tolerance.
The system is calibrated on the test bench by ESCO before it is installed in the machine.
3.ESCO integrated overload system
Hundreds of EIOS actually run successfully. Reference as needed