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Office health and safety

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Office health and safety

When we walked into the office building, the most devices we saw were computers, copiers, and printers. The office equipment necessary for these modern offices, while giving us great convenience, may also pose a potential threat to our health. The biggest threat to the health of electrical equipment is the production of ozone, which consumes oxygen in the air. If the ventilation is not good, the ozone will compete with the human lung for limited oxygen, which will deteriorate the air quality. In this "contention", people are at a disadvantage, so they are prone to dizziness, nausea and other symptoms.
 Office noise is mainly caused by the sound of the computer mainframe, fax machine, and air-conditioning. Offices with more computers and small areas have more serious noise pollution. The average person can maintain normal reaction and attention under the sound of 40 decibels, but work in a sound environment of 50 decibels or more. Hearing loss, emotional irritability, and even neurasthenia.
In the office, interpersonal relationships and working relationships all give people considerable pressure. The fierce competition in employment makes people have long-term high-intensity, overloaded labor, no leisure, and the spirit is always in a state of high tension. When the pressure is too high, the adrenocortical steroids secreted by the body will reduce the number of lymphocytes in the immune system and weaken the resistance. The low immunity is equal to the lack of defense inside the body, and the probability of getting sick increases. It is possible to have a cold, as large as cancer.
How to reduce neck, shoulder and waist pain?
Keep the correct sitting position. The upper body should keep the neck upright, so that the head is supported, the shoulders are naturally drooping, the upper arm is close to the body, the elbow is bent at 90 degrees, the keyboard or mouse is operated, and the wrist is kept horizontal as much as possible. The midline of the palm and the midline of the forearm should be kept in line. . The lower part of the waist is straight, the knees are naturally bent at 90 degrees, and the sitting position of the feet is maintained.
An ergonomically designed table and chair must be chosen, using a dedicated computer chair, sitting on top of the "three right angles": the first right angle is formed at the knees of the computer table, the second right angle of the thighs and back is the elbows The joint forms a third right angle. The shoulder blade rests on the back of the chair, the shoulders are lowered, and the chin is not close to the neck. The eyes are centered on the center of the computer screen. The seats are preferably supported with backrests and armrests and can be adjusted in height.
Should work for 1 to 2 hours or so, purposefully let the head and neck rotate forward and backward several times, and the rotation should be gentle and slow, in order to achieve the maximum range of motion in all directions. The cervical joint fatigue is alleviated.