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Mentality, decide your life (must read every day)

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Mentality, decide your life (must read every day)

1. Don't bother: don't forget to smile
2. More urgent: also pay attention to the tone
3. Be bitter: don't forget to stick to it.
4. Tired again: also love yourself
5. Low-key people; you will be stronger than once
6. High-profile work; you will be better than once
7. Don't forget the past when you are successful
8. Don't forget the future when you fail
9. I hope to get the effort; I don’t want to get it.
10. So whether you win or lose, you will look good.
11. Life is not a one-way line, one road can't get through, you can turn
12. The composition of tears and sweat is similar; but the former can only exchange sympathy for you. The latter can win for you.
13. Getting older is a compulsory course in life.
14. Mature is an elective course
15. Exercise-oriented, learn to be healthy
16. Adapt to the principle, learn to survive
17. Learn to give up, endure loneliness, and stand the temptation
18. When everyone is low-key, you can choose high-profile, but can't run
19. Learn to forget the technology of life
20. Learning to smile is the art of living
21. Laziness is more rusting than labor.
22. The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up
23. The philosopher has no worries, and the wise man is always happy. Not because you love you, but you have everything you love.
24. Things that cannot be lost: self-control, calm power, hope and confidence
<Good luck comes naturally>