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The Excellent Composition of the 2001 College Entrance Examination--"Integrity" Drifting

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The Excellent Composition of the 2001 College Entrance Examination--"Integrity" Drifting

After saying that honesty was abandoned by the "smart" young man into the water, he wandered desperately and finally came to a small island. "Integrity" lay on the beach and rested, planning to wait for a passing friend to allow him to take a boat and save his life.
Suddenly, "integrity" heard a burst of joyful and relaxing music coming from afar. He immediately stood up and looked in the direction of the music: he saw a small boat coming towards this side. There is a small flag on the boat with the word "happy" on it.
It turned out to be a happy boat. "Integrity" is busy shouting: "Happy and happy, I am honest, can you pull me back to the bank?" "Happy", smiled and said "integrity": "No, I will not be happy as soon as I have integrity." Now, you see how many people in this society are unhappy because they are telling the truth, sorry, I can't do anything." After that, "happy" is gone.
After a while, "status" came again, and honestly shouted: "Status status, I am honest, I want to take your boat home?" "Position" is busy taking the boat farther, turning back to "integrity "I can't do it, honesty can't take my boat, my status is hard to come by! With your integrity, I am not unlucky, and even the status is difficult to keep!" Integrity looked disappointed with the status "The back, the eyes are full of incomprehensible and doubts, and he waits."
With a rhythmic but discordant voice coming, the "competition" came by boat. "Integrity" shouted: "Competition, competition, can I take your boat for a ride?" the contestants asked. "Who are you, how much benefit can you give us?" "Integrity" does not want to say, afraid to say it and no one cares, but "integrity" is honesty after all, he said: "I am honest..." "You are honest Ah, are you not worried about us? Now that the competition is so fierce, how do we dare to ask you to be honest in our 'unfair competition'?
Just as honesty feels almost desperate, a kind voice came from afar: "Child, get on the boat!" A white-haired old man was on the boat with the helm: "I am the old man." "Why are you?" Want to save me?” The old man smiled and said: “Only time will tell how important integrity is!”
On the way back, the old man pointed to the "happiness", "status" and "competition" that fell into the water because of the shipwreck. He said: "Without honesty, happiness is not long-lasting, status is false, and competition is also failure." Shandong candidates)